Our Publications

The Australian Heraldry Society produces two regular publications, The Red Escutcheon (formerly Members Circular) and Heraldry in Australia (formerly Heraldry News).

Heraldry in Australia: The Journal of The Australian Heraldry Society is produced twice yearly in a hard copy format only. Before 2017, the journal was known as Heraldry News. A program for uploading back issues is currently in preparation. Until then, hard copies of current issues, and back issues, if in stock, are available for sale by contacting the Secretary of the Society.

The Red Escutcheon is produced every second month, in electronic and paper formats, and will be uploaded to this site on the same day it is distributed to members. Prior to Issue 182, the newsletter was known as the Members Circular. We are currently uploading all back issues so that, in due course, every issue from No 1, 1992, will be publicly available and accessible for information and research.



President: Richard d'Apice AM

Secretary: Stephen Szabo Esq

2/72 View Street

M: 0431 701 055
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