Arms of Australia

   Arms for Australia, displayed above, were granted and assigned by Royal Warrant of King George V in 1912. The blazon is "Quarterly of six, the first quarter Argent a Cross Gules charged with a Lion passant guardant between on each limb a Mullet of eight points Or; the second Azure five Mullets, one of eight, two of seven, one of six and one of five points of the first (representing the Constellation of the Southern Cross) ensigned with an Imperial Crown proper; the third of the first a Maltese Cross of the fourth, surmounted by a like Imperial Crown; the fourth of the third, on a Perch wreathed Vert and Gules an Australian Piping Shrike displayed also proper; the fifth also Or a Swan naiant to the sinister Sable; the last of the first, a Lion passant of the second, the whole within a Bordure Ermine; for the Crest on a Wreath Or and Azure A Seven-pointed Star Or, and for Supporters dexter a Kangaroo, sinister an Emu, both proper."

These arms were granted and assigned in lieu and instead of those granted and assigned for Australia by King Edward VII in 1908.

The arms displayed below are those of the six states and three territories (in alphabetical order) granted arms by royal warrant between 1893 and 1984.

The sovereign and independent nation state of Australia (formally known as the Commonwealth of Australia) is a federation of six Australian colonies of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (known since 1901 as States).

The Australian mainland contains five of the six federated States—the State of Tasmania is an island in close proximity to the mainland - and two Australian territories. Aside from the Australian Antarctic Territory, which is a wedge of Antarctica claimed by Australia, Australia is the world's sixth-largest country by total area.

All the states are sovereign and self-governing, apart from powers transferred to the Commonwealth at the time of federation. Two territories (ACT and NT) are largely self-governing, as well as being represented in the federal parliament; the other territories are directly administered by the federal government. Since 2015, federal control has also been extended to the formerly self-governing territory of Norfolk Island. Three of the external territories are inhabited; the others are uninhabited, apart from non-permanent scientists.

Arms of noteworthy Australians

The Australian Heraldry Society will be uploading a series of small articles and images of the achievement of noteworthy Australians over the coming months.

If you are aware of an Australian whom you believe should be included, please email the society Secretary.

Members’ arms

Many of the committee members and society members of the Australian Heraldry Society hold achievements of arms.

Over the coming months we will be uploading these to this page for the enjoyment of everyone with a current or budding love of heraldry.

Arms designed by or with the assistance of the AHS

Committee members of The Australian Heraldry Society have designed or assisted in the design of many achievement of arms. A selection will be uploaded over coming months.

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